Present in Spirit Summer Tea

Even in the midst of this heat and seeking cool comfort for ourselves, we should still think about helping others. This tea has no address, no scheduled time or date to keep. It takes place in the strong hearts of the women of the Tiara Tea Society. We are requesting a gift for our 2011 child, Ceniyah Dotson. Tiara Tea is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit Society and donations are 100% tax deductible. To make a donation, please see our donations page.

Photo by Jim Weber: Commerical Appeal

About Ceniyah

As you may recall, our 2011 Princess, Ceniyah Denae Dotson, was the youngest survivor (only a baby at the time) of the Lester Street massacre in 2008. Since then, Ceniyah has already become a beacon of hope and healing at the age of 3 years old. We ask for your continued support for Ceniyah for our “Present in Spirit” Summer Tea, so that Ceniyah can continue with her healing physically and most of all, emotionally, as she becomes more aware of the impact of her survival. As always, we thank you for continuing to celebrate the gifts of phenomenal women and the princess in all of us, through your support!

Judeline (left) & mother, Edeline happy to be together in their new home.

Judeline update: Judeline is back in school and her mother, Edeline is now working as a cook. In March, construction on their apartment was finished and they have a new home. Judeline walks and uses both hands without pain.
They visited the hospital where Judeline lay for 262 days as a patient and no one recognized her! Dr. Bruce and Mary Ann Minkin are in touch with her often. Bless you for making this possible!

Carol Prentiss, 2011 Grande Dame inductee

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, 2011, Carol Prentiss will be inducted as Grande Dame of the Tiara Tea Society at a special tea in her honor. We will also be celebrating the conclusion of our 5th anniversary, so mark your calendars and we’ll plan to see you there!

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