Tiara Tea Society founders, Marie Pizano-Firtik and Eva Lynn Bishop

Tiara Tea Society, Inc. was founded by Eva Lynn Bishop and Marie Pizano-Firtik in 2006. While pursuing philanthropic endeavors together, the two jokingly reminisced about being little girls who dressed up in their mother’s old clothes and had a tea party. Why not do it again and help others in the process?

But, there had to be a higher purpose for the Tiara Tea Society. First, is to connect to princess in us all, as women.

More poignant though, is the reality a little girl’s life is not always about playing “dress-up”. It is much more difficult in today’s world to maintain the innocence of such childish fun.

The founders made the decision that the focus of the Tiara Tea Society is to be of service to at least one little girl each year. In 2007 the society selected its first little girl,  Morgan Shaw, as the honoree and raised funds for The Morgan Shaw Benefit Fund.

Since then, the society has worked with various relief organizations to improve the lives of children around the world, one princess at a time.

Tiara Tea Society is a 502(c) (3) non-profit organization.

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