Child Sponsorship

Just a few of our TTS Princesses

Tiara Tea Society specializes in the need of young girls. We offer financial support to children who have survived adversity and need a helping hand, empowering them to move past their circumstances and into being the princess that lies within us all. TTS has helped young girls who have suffered traumatic events such as violent crime or urgent medical needs to save their lives and improve their quality of life. If you know of a young girl who needs help, please contact us.

In order to fulfill our requirements as a 501(c)3 charity, we work with child advocates who have established foundations in the child’s name or work with other non-denominational charities to make sure funds are delegated within governmental guidelines. TTS has an international reach and helped girls from around the world. To sponsor a child, please print the child sponsorship form below.

To enlarge, just click once on the form. To print, go to FILE, PRINT PREV, then hit the PRINT button from your browser menu.

Please return a completed copy it via email (jpg, tiff or pdf) to or by regular mail to:

Tiara Tea Society

P.O. BOX 341841

Bartlett, TN 38184-1841

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