Our Princesses

2014 Princess:

Macy Elizabeth Gueldner

Macy Elizabeth Gueldner will crowned the 11th Princess of the Tiara Tea Society on October 5, 2013. Macy is 4 years old and was born with Down syndrome. She had open heart surgery at 4 months. For two years, it seemed Macy’s health issues were over and dealing with Downs was a challenge but not life endangering. Then last October, Macy was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Now Macy and her family shuttle between St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and a hospital in Baton Rouge, La., to take weekly chemotherapy for the next two years.

2013 Princess:
Keona Vaughn

Keona Vaughn

Keona Vaughn was only three months old when she was severely shaken and became permanently brain damaged. She is legally blind, deaf, can’t walk, talk much and has a 12-18 mentality. She could have become a “throw away child.” Until a wonderful couple Mark and Debbie Vaughn adopted her and she has progressed slowly, but love can cure a lot of ills. She responds beautifully to a warm touch, hugs and tender hand holding. The Vaughns have two of their own children.


2012 Princess: Graycen Ann Beardslee, 10 years old

Memphis, Tennessee

Graycen Ann Beardslee

Kim Beardslee knew that her little girl was a one in a million baby when Graycen was born. She didn’t know that those odds would apply to the rare genetic disease called Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) that was with Graycen from birth. She cannot be exposed to any sunlight or any interior UV light. Before she was 2 years old, she was diagnosed with skin cancer and has suffered a totally of 10 so far. XP also has the ability to take her sight and cause neurological disorders. Graycen must wear a UV shield and be totally covered to be outside or she must plays outdoors at night. Making friends is hard as her disease is very isolating.

2011 Princess: Ceniyah Denae Dotson, 3 yrs. old

Memphis, Tennessee

Cenniyah holding one of her favorite stuffed animals!

March of 2008, two month old Ceniyah Dotson was wounded and left for dead, at the scene of a violent crime that rocked the world and the citizens of Memphis.Tiara Tea Society’s goals in 2011 for Ceniyah, are to get her released from her surgeons and continue the recovery of an injured leg with an innovative, creative and fun form of physical therapy. Also advice is being sought to find a specialist in pediatric post trauma therapy.

2010 Princess: Judeline Jean, 14 yrs. old

Small village near Port au Prince, Haiti

Haitian Community Hospital

Judeline at the hospital, knowing that she will be honored as princess in 2010.Judeline won the hearts of Dr. Bruce Minkin and his wife Mary Ann on a trip to Haiti with the LEAP organization. Bruce is the son of one of our original members, Katherine (Kit) Minkin who passed away in January. Through her passing, we met Bruce and Judeline. She got their attention with her high spirit and determination to survive.A concrete ceiling collapsed on her during the earthquake, and her aunt was killed by the same collapse. She has been in the Haitian Community Hospital since. Her right leg was amputated, her other leg has severe nerve and tissue damage. Dr. Minkin saved her left arm and hand but she needs more surgery. Only her right hand and arm were spared.

2009 Princess: Savanna, 17 months old

Memphis, Tennessee

Little Savanah sitting on her back porch, before her sugery was done.

The lenses of Savanah’s eyes have been removed by Dr. Mary Ellen Hoehn at the Hamilton Eye Institute , Division of UT Memphis and she is under their care. She wears heavy glasses to act as her eye lens until she can have surgery to have artificial lenses surgically implanted. Savanna and her mother will be presented at the March 22, 2009 Grande Dame High Tea.At the August 9, 2009 tea, Savanna had new glasses that the Tiara Tea Society had provided. Her new prescription gave her the confidence to start walking for the first time. Savanna turned 2 years old shortly after the tea. Sufficient monies were raised for Savanna at the November 15, 2009 Tea to supply her with visionary help for the next several years.

First of four 2008 Princesses: Enhui Liu, Age 19 months old

Qingshui River approximately 2-hours from Hohhot, ChinaEnhui and her mother

Enhui and her mother

Enhui Liu was referred to the 1st Affiliated Hospital Inner Mongolia Medical Center in April of 2008 for evaluation of possible congenital heart disease. At 10-months of age, she went to her local hospital with breathing problems. In January of 2008, the parents were told that Enhui had a “heart problem” and that she would heart surgery to help her breathe better.

Enhui was the first surgery of the Inaugural ICHF trip to Hohhot. Her operation was performed Monday, September 22nd. Later that evening she was awake and eating. She walked out of the ICU on Tuesday and was able to return home that Friday where she was reunited with her sister and family who can start to manage their farm again. The mother and father were both surprised and tearful when told this news and were delighted that she will be free to live a full life again and to breathe normally. Enhui is now recovering successfully!

Second of four 2008 Princesses: Merlyn Munoz, 2 yrs. old

Dominican Republic, Los Planitos – near Santiago

Merlin sleeping peacefully before going through her life-saving surgery.

Madeline, Merlin’s mother, found out about the organization, International Children’s Heart Foundation through Dr Ramirez. Before surgery, Merlyn suffered from extreme fatigue. Her favorite TV shows are Winnie the Pooh, Dora and Hello Kitty. Merlyn loves to play with her mother’s makeup, walk around in high heels and comb anyone’s hair who will let her in the beauty shop that her mother works in. Merlyn’s mother’s wish for her is to go to school, have a long life and to become a writer.Merlyn’s mother, Madeline Victor, wishes to thank the Tiara Tea Society for sponsoring Merlyn’s operation and for giving her a tiara. Her sugery was a success and she is recovering well.

Third of four 2008 Princesses: Alexandra (Sasha) Bogomolova,  1 year & 2 months old

Grodna, Belarus

"Sasha" and her mother before her surgery

“Sasha” and her mother before her surgeryPrefers use of her diminutive nickname Sasha, and will say to you if you call her Alexandra, “My NAME is Sasha. ” She adores her mother and likes to dress like her. You will notice she has an unusual face, but no specific syndrome has been identified. We are thrilled that Sasha’s sugery was a total success!

Fouth of four 2008 Princesses: Rasheda, 2 yrs. old

Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan

Rasheda touches her heart (and ours) as she speaks to the camera.

In May 2007, the ICHF received an email from a US Navy officer stationed at Camp Mike Spann in Afghanistan. LT Jobe Galli was searching for help for his Afghani interpreter’s young son, Hibrahim, who had been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect at 18 months old. Without surgery, Hibrahim’s condition was terminal because there are no doctors in that area capable of performing the necessary surgery.

Saving Hibrahim’s life was critical to LT Galli because his own son had a similar defect and received live saving surgery when he was only eight days old. Hibrahim received his operation on Friday, June 22, 2007. Getting this child’s operation took a collaborative effort by US military personnel, friends all over the world, the ICHF volunteer medical team, and Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Now, LT Galli and his fellow Navy officers are asking for help again with another child that has a congenital heart defect. Rasheda is a two year old little girl from Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan. She is Hibrahim’s cousin.

Her condition is also terminal unless she gets the necessary surgery.

The Tiara Tea Society will collaborate with the US military in Afghanistan and the International Children’s Heart Foundation to provide Rasheda with the life-saving surgery she needs.

To learn more about ICHF and their important work, please visit www.BabyHeart.org.

2007 Princess: Morgan Shaw, 6 yrs. old

Waterford, Mississippi

Our first Princess, Morgan!

Morgan was found near an abandoned home in Cayce, Mississippi. When they found her she was alive but barely. Sheriff’s  officers say it appears she’d been shot in the head. Medivac airlifted her to LeBonheur Hospital in Memphis where she underwent an extensive surgery. When she came in she was in extremely critical condition, she is now in critical condition so that is a step up. Police authorities say Shaw may have  spent up to 20 hours in heavy vegetation after being abducted. If Morgan had not been found within a few more hours, she would not have survived.

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